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aily Order Passed by the Commission     

Schedule of Hearing

  In the matter of period of temporary connections to Agriculture consumers  (SMP56/2017)
Public Notice  Hindi  English  
     - Public hearing on 21 November'2017

Request For Proposal (BIDS) From  Eligible Consultants For Providing Consultancy for Determination Of Aggregate  Revenue  
     Requirement (ARR) &
  Distribution  And  Retail  Supply Tariffs  For  FY 2018-19  And  True-Up  Of ARRs For FY  2016-17 For
The Distribution Licensees of  MP    Public Notice   -   Last date of receipt of BID documents 1500 hrs of 4th December 2017

Filling up the posts in MPERC  -  Last date of receipt of application 15th November,2017  

  Petition for approval of final generation tariff for 2x600 MW, Shri Singaji Thermal Power Project (SSTPP) Stage I, Units No.1
and 2 from CoD of Unit No. 1 and 2 upto 31.03.2019, under section 62 of the Electricity Act, 2003    Formats
     Public  Notice   English  Hindi  (Public hearing on 21 November'2017)

  Retail Supply Tariff Order for FY 2017-18 - (PNo. 71/2016) (Order passed on 31st  March,17)   Corrigendum

  Order Passed by Electricity Ombudsman 

  National Tariff Policy 2016  



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